Youn Sun Nah

Youn Sun Nah

Born and raised in Seoul in a family captivated by the voice; Youn Sun Nah’s father is a choir conductor and her mother is a musical actress. She learns piano in her childhood but spends most of her time to her general studies until she graduates in Literature at the University of Konkuk in 1992. The year after that, she’s invited by the Korean Symphony Orchestra to sing gospels. She makes her first steps on record and on stage. Following that experience, she’s noticed and hired in musicals. Her appearances are rewarded and new opportunities lead her to make choices: a career is opening to her but she’s not convinced to be on the right track. She finally decides to go back to school to study music and singing. Francophile, amateur of chanson, she settles down in Paris during the fall 1995. She registers at the National Institute of Music in Beauvais, at the Conservatory of Nadia and Lili Boulanger and at the CIM, school of jazz and current music. It is in that school that the epiphany happens.



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