Hristo Yotsov: Jazz Cats

Hristo Yotsov: Jazz Cats

Founded by the legendary and internationally acknowledged Bulgarian jazz musician Hristo Yotsov, the “Jazz Cats” project is established in 2016 inspired by the bebop tradition. Hristo’s basic idea was to gather some of the best younger, but already well established musicians from the Bulgarian jazz scene in a quartet and to present them on international club stages. The mastery of the four musicians, the bond between them and the energy they share brought great success to the project and soon it was clear the Jazz Cats have greater potential for much bigger stages. That leads Hristo to start composing original pieces with more festival and concert-like spirit.

Well…why “Cats”? As we all know “cats” is a common expression among jazz musicians around the world, that shows respect and recognition for one’s mastery, achievements, and professionalism. But there is also a personal motive: Yotsov has been an owner of domestic cats for so long that he claims to know and understand these incredible creatures very well. That’s why the titles of their pieces are dedicated to various cat moods and characteristics: “Angry Cats”, “Lazy Cats”, “Motion Cats”, “Mystical Cats”, “Happy Cats”, etc.

In 2017 the quartet released their first album that takes them on tour around renowned Bulgarian and European jazz stages, and makes them one of the most successful jazz bands from Bulgaria.

With one album behind the back the band releases their brand new one named “Jazz Cats 2” in March 2019. All the pieces in both albums are composed by Hristo Yotsov, but this time the music is with more jazz-fusion characteristics.

Arnau Garrofé Faràs – tenor, soprano saxophone

Lyubo Tsanev – piano

Dimitar Karamfilov – double bass

Hristo Yotsov – drums

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