Darcy James Argue

Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society :: Real Enemies

“For a wholly original take on big band’s past, present and future, look to Darcy James Argue,” so says Newsweek Magazine. The Vancouver-born, Brooklyn-based composer and bandleader has toured the world over with his 18-piece ensemble, Secret Society, garnering countless awards and nominations while reimagining what a 21st-century big band can sound like. REAL ENEMIES is a 13-chapter exploration of America’s fascination with conspiracy theories; narratives behind the Red Scare, the Illuminati, Edward Snowden, and alien sightings are meticulously examined and interrogated through Argue’s dazzling score.


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Label | New Amsterdam Records

Management | James Egelhofer

Press | Katy Henriksen

Discography | Allmusic.com