Hamilton de Holanda: Sound of Image

Hamilton de Holanda: Sound of Image

SOUND OF IMAGE is HAMILTON DE HOLANDA’S multimedia project. The virtuoso Brazilian improviser and composer propose an exciting way to expose the audience to instrumental music. Its a remembrance of the nostalgic “silent films” but at this time the soundtrack is created in real-time. On stage, while the public experiences Hamilton and his quartet perform, they are simultaneously taking on a journey by a live mix of astonishing images, projects by the VJ on the screen.

SOUND OF IMAGE transports the audience to a timeless and unique place full of emotion where acoustic instruments merge with electronic and ordinary sounds. Melodies, landscapes, and feelings empower and inspire booths fans, and musicians transforming the experience into art. The content brings the Brazilian rain forest, nature, and culture into the scream exposing its beauty and drama. The current events we are living in and, our human coexistence are the inspiration.




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Marcos Portinari, mportinari[a]hamiltondeholanda.com
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Phone: + 55 21 992478157  (whatsapp)

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