Linda May Han Oh To Perform At jazzahead! This April

Linda May Han Oh has been selected to perform at this year’s jazzahead! conference in Bremen, Germany.

Overseas Night showcase
27 April 2019
23:15 – 00:00

“Oh was born in Malaysia and raised in Western Australia, but her music reflects the focus and edge of her New York City base. Her compositions contain dense harmonies and shaded emotions, tricky, awkwardly placed riffs and lyrical unison lines that lurk in the background when sax and guitar come to the fore.” (Financial Times)

“The austere beauty of the new album, however, took on a somewhat more sensual character in concert. For the very warmth of Oh’s sound on acoustic bass and the fat (if soft-spoken) nature of her timbre on electric bass resonate most fully when you’re in the same room with her. So though there’s a great deal to admire in the translucence of her ensemble’s sound and the arid nature of its textures on the recording, the Constellation show brought forth tones and overtones only a live performance can yield.” (Chicago Tribune)

More info here on the jazzahead! 2019 website