Jobs @ MWI

Two Positions Are Open @ MWI

Please send cover letters and resumes to the contact listed.

Administrative Assistant Part-time Position

We are looking for an individual to assist our Admin team. This part-time position will require about 20 hours a week. MWI employees work remotely; self-motivation and independent working skills are highly valued here. We are looking for a person in the greater Portland (ME) area so we can meet in person for training and regular check-ins. A qualified candidate must be well versed in using Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Google Sheets/Docs, and have keen attention to detail. This position can develop into a full-time job for the candidate with great skills and demonstrated abilities.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Update our internal database with calendars from our artists in various formats (google sheets, pdfs, etc).

Export data from our internal database to update tour histories (in Google Sheets).

Search out show announcements and update our database and website with the venue and ticket links.

Check-in with promoters for updates on ticket sales of upcoming shows, track this data, and share updates with management and our marketing team.

Coordinate with Contract Admin on what needs updating. Reach out to management for updated contract and technical riders and file appropriately.

Assist as needed with entering show details, drafting deal memos, contracts, invoices, or following up with promoters and managers to return signed documents.


Deidra Levasseur
Director Of Finance And Operations

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Marketing Assistant Part-time Position

Music Works International, established by Katherine McVicker, collaborates with the world’s finest musicians, promoters, and venues to develop tours that expand audiences, artists, and markets. MWI’s deep experience creatively powers the artistic development and vision of an exceptional roster of musicians and bands spanning jazz, world music, and R&B. MWI’s technique of expansion is to build communities of regional presenters who collaborate together to create strong and profit-generating tours.

We are looking for an individual to assist with our in-house B2B marketing efforts. This part-time position will require about 20 hours a week. As all MWI employees work remotely, self-starting and motivation should be part of your core. We need someone who knows marketing, a bit of publicity, their way around Photoshop, iMovie, the usual complement of office software. A handle on writing press releases sans the hyperbole would be tremendously helpful, to us, and society as well. A keen understanding of social media and how to tweak it to gain attention, without being annoying, is also needed.

And since MWI is starting an in-house marketing arm to serve the B2C marketing needs of our artists outside the sphere of booking, you will also help with record release publicity, tour marketing, designing marketing collateral, and on.

Depending on the candidate’s performance, we are expecting this position to develop into a full-time job.

You will learn a butt-load. And we hope you can teach us some stuff as well.

While some of the work can be accomplished remotely, there will be weekly meetings in Reading, MA, and Beverly, MA.

The finer points

Collection of assets from artists (photos, bio, videos, riders, information); new signings, projects, and updates.
Create new pages for new signings through WordPress.
Updates to pages with new bios entered, linked, photos uploaded, linked, etc.
Resize photos for site-specific spaces.
Quarterly site review with staff to keep the site current.

In addition to dealing with the site, sending out new press photos or other materials requested by promoters.

Review Google Alerts for artist-specific news items — with an editorial eye to cull any bad or tepid reviews.
Update artist-specific news links on the website.
Create a list of artist availabilities sporadically, as needed from Katherine. Availabilities are the agency’s “inventory” of open dates. We roll this into an email as well as publish the avails on social media and other outlets
Quarterly update of quote sheets for artists – connect with management to obtain an updated set of quotes and/or pull from the latest reviews we have linked to MWI.com

Help to create and implement plans to increase awareness and visibility of MWI throughout social media.
Spend some quality time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and…? (Thought you should know that booking agencies are not really Tik-Tok-worthy, but ready to listen to suggestions.)

Help clean up intern-created database research lists.
Research new sources of leads in directories and on websites.
Database entry of new leads into Insightly CRM.
Download and clean up email addresses from Mailchimp derived bounce-lists.

Research publicity for press release notes.
Research for marketing plans.
Press release first drafts.
Video editing for MWI Trailers.
Wikipedia editing or creation of artist pages.
The layout of marketing collateral.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram advertising campaigns.

Creative writing, social media, Photoshop, iMovie, Excel, Google Drive, Wikipedia editing, attention to detail.

Advertising on social media, photography, HubSpot, WordPress, love of music, nerd-like zeal to learn new software and systems, layout and design, creativity, and yet harbor an undying lust to research bounced emails of contacts and unearth new leads.

David Greenberg
Director of Marketing and Development