Global Disaster Relief Team update from Alice Feldman

We’ve been incredibly busy here at the Global Disaster Relief Team over these last few weeks. So we want to take a moment and update you about our team and discuss what we’ve been doing.

On March 5, 2022, our first team of medics landed in Przemyśl, Poland. Immediately, our medics Aleks Medic, Olga Pavleyeva, Alexander Zharov, Alexandra Sakurets, and Iryna Amiramova set about building a first-aid medic station in the refugee center despite a lack of any existing infrastructure. Since then, they have not only provided countless refugees with medical attention, but truly humanized all who came into their care, speaking with refugees, listening to their stories, and getting to know them as people, something that is all too often forgotten during the terrible times of war. Separately, the team was building an operations infrastructure to sort through and deliver medical supplies directly into Ukraine.

About the crisis from Fox News:

As this team’s initial 3-week mission comes to a close, we are excited to introduce our second team of medics! This larger team, comprised of Olga Karachenets, Sergey Karachenets, Tony Dunford, Dany Vexler, Dmitriy Lee, Natalia Rimareva, Vika Viktoria, Inna Belenky, Igor Smelyansky, Elena Akulini, Aleksandra Rybakina, and Cathy Trainor, began flying into Poland as early as last Monday, March 21st, and others will be arriving throughout this week. They will continue to strengthen the first-aid center in Przemyśl as well as make frequent trips into Ukraine to personally deliver urgent medical supplies.

It would be impossible to sufficiently put into words the enormous gratitude we want to express to all our medics. Without the incredible commitment, willingness, compassion, and bravery of all our medics none of this would be possible. To each and every one of our medics, know that you are an inspiration. Thank you for the work you’re doing. Thank you for your initiative and bravery. You have been bright and guiding lights during a difficult and painful time.

We also want to take an opportunity to thank our incredible US volunteers! Few consider the massive amount of work that goes into creating and operating a non-profit. There is a constant slew of logistical caveats, especially when circumstances on the ground change every few hours! From day one, our volunteers have been ready at a moment’s notice to step up and maneuver us through all of these abrupt changes. You have all been so monumentally helpful, and we wouldn’t have been able to be who we are without you!

And of course, we want to thank you! Your donations, your likes, your comments, your shares, your warm messages of love and support, all have been indispensable. Your outreach is so needed and so appreciated. Our team is thousands of miles away doing incredibly difficult work. Please continue to remain in contact, sending out messages and sharing your thoughts, stories, and emotions.

We are so grateful,
Alice Feldman and Mishka Kryshka / GDRT