Flood at La Favela – Emilia Romagna, Italy

Over the last week, major flooding in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy has caused widespread devastation and displacement, with many communities struggling to cope with the aftermath. 



Luigi Sidero, MWI’s Senior Agent for Europe, has felt the impact of this disaster on a personal level. 

Beginning last week, rivers in the region burst their banks, causing water levels to rise and dealing severe damage to homes and businesses in the surrounding cities and towns.

La Favela, a community house for artists and musicians local to Luigi, was one such location overrun with feet of water. Videos of the scene show waterlogged instruments, appliances, and furniture that could not be saved before the home was evacuated. 


For the past seventeen years, La Favela has created and hosted innumerable concerts, workshops, and parties, forming a community far beyond its local neighborhood. To repay that love, friends and supporters came together to support the cleanup effort, including Luigi. 

“My friends Marco and Valeria have been sowing love for years, that’s why there are many of us helping La Favela,” he said on social media. He was among the group of friends that showed up in person to help clear the damage and rescue what could be saved.

Photos from Luigi Sidero, joining in the cleanup effort with friends and his son.

For those further away, organizers launched a crowdsourced support campaign, and within days, supporters donated thousands of euros to help restore this artistic haven. The link for the campaign is below.