First Listen: Mario Biondi is feeling “Romantic”

By Howard Dukes for Soul Tracks 


There is something reassuring about knowing that you are hearing real drums, brass, bass, and pianos. That analog sound does more than take us back to a time when we took for granted that the songs we heard on the radio had different production techniques and thematic world view. The production techniques recall a time when a group of musicians gathered in a studio and played their instruments, each individual drawing from the energy and creativity of the other artists to create a whole that is greater than the individual parts. Additionally, the lyrics sung by the vocalist often celebrated the kind of idealized view of romance from which our cynical postmodern world appears to have moved away.

That is the sound and attitude that Italian singer Mario Biondi brings to “Romantic Song,” a tune that is as upfront about its intentions as the title suggests. “Romantic Song” finds Biondi using his gravely, conversational baritone to express the love that he feels for the woman and his life. The song is a declaration of his love and an expression of his hope that the words and emotions expressed will draw the same response from her.

“Romantic Song” is the lead single from Biondi’s upcoming album Romantic, which is due out on March 18.