Emergency Funds For Musicians

With COVID-19 now declared a global pandemic, and government imposing restrictions on the size of public gatherings, concert promoters around the world have made the very difficult decision to temporarily close down venues, concert halls, clubs, and postpone festivals. This has put our industry in a stranglehold, not only putting in peril the very venues and their staff, but also cutting off funds for the musicians and performing artists who were contracted and booked — months, if not years in advance. While governments deliberate about what to do, there are many artists going without the possibility of seeing income for many months.

Music Works International’s Development Manager, Alice Feldman, and composer, arranger, and conductor, Darcy James Argue, found there are currently over 100 different United States national and regional funds that have been established to give aid to musicians that have lost gigs. The links to a lot of them are here https://covid19freelanceartistresource.wordpress.com (under Emergency Funding). By the way, If you find out about any other funding sources that you want us to share, please send them along to Alice.

We are sending this out to the public so all artists know to apply. We suggest applying to as many as possible but focusing on the regional funds that are available (as there is an increased likelihood of getting funding because of less competition). Alice is corralling a network of volunteers to work on creating an online sheet that will track the current status of the funds and will make it easier to see which are relevant to all musical artists whether or not they are on our roster. We will update this page later, though if you are connected to us on Facebook or Instagram, you will get the update sooner.

There is a link to an international list. It is rather skimpy right now, but it may grow later. https://covid19freelanceartistresource.wordpress.com/#international

We are closely monitoring this situation and look forward to sending our artists back on tour just as soon as it is possible. For now, we urge you to keep kindness and compassion at the forefront of your lives. We will do the same. Together we can help flatten the curve of this pandemic and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. In the meantime, our profound thanks go out to all in the medical community who are battling this virus on the front lines.

Wishing you all the luck in the world right now.

As Alice noted, “We’re together on this and we’ll pull through it! Stay safe and healthy.”

Ditto from the rest of us at MWI.





Photo composite by dG (outstretched hands by Samir Jammal)