Building A Cultural Arts Network In Latin America

MWI’s Katherine McVicker and Maria Jose Galindo at the IBERFEST LATMUS Seminars 2020



On Friday, May 15th Music Works International’s Director, Katherine McVicker, with Maria Jose Galindo, participated at the LATMUS Seminar 2020. The event – organized by Red IBERFEST, Emprende Música LATAM, and Enlaces Musicales – a unique virtual conference with workshops, and round tables about the industry of music in Latin America via Facebook Live.

In her presentation, Katherine expanded upon MWI’s Cultural Connections, a project with the intent to create robust networks in Africa and Latin America. Katherine and Maria discussed with Eduardo Quezada of RED IBERFEST and Dario Granja how the project evolved from the initial simple idea of setting up a booking network to addressing larger, more fundamental challenges of supporting the arts and fostering economic development through culture.

During the conference, Katherine addressed many other aspects of her work, as well as looking deeper into a number of the questions that have come up through this development initiative:

  • How do we work in communities on a grassroots level to get people involved in cultural activities and to value it enough to pay for it?
  • How can we harness the power of a cultural platform to address public issues through culture and create awareness around health issues, environmental issues, and education?
  • How can we help artists understand the BUSINESS of arts to help them become entrepreneurs and achieve self-sustaining careers?
  • How do we use the power of the collective to approach major corporate sponsors?
  • How do we connect the world through a cultural exchange to foster opportunities for artists to find new audiences, beyond borders?

The conference was broadcast live on the Facebook Page of @Rediberfest.

You can view the full workshop [ HERE ]