Being in Tune with Yourself featuring Christian McBride

The Important Things with Bobbi Brown and Anjali Kumar is a podcast that asks the question: how can you lead a life of fulfillment? The ongoing pandemic has given us all the opportunity to examine what really matters most to us and what brings us true contentment. Each week through candid conversations with friends, thought leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs, Bobbi and Anjali are looking for ways we can all learn to live more authentic, gratifying lives. Not the usual platitudes and advice, but the TRULY important stuff; the learnings and habits that anyone can take along for the ride. This weekly podcast is co-hosted by Bobbi Brown, beauty industry titan, best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur, and Anjali Kumar, international best-selling author, attorney, and startup advisor to companies with a social conscience.


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Bobbi and Anjali are joined by jazz legend Christian McBride. We’ll hear all about how Christian deals with life constantly on tour, how he finds happiness in his relationships, and the incredible work he does to inspire young people to discover jazz.