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“For disciples of reggae and dub, bassist Robbie Shakespeare and drummer Sly Dunbar need little introduction. For the uninitiated, the pair form the bedrock of reggae and dub's rhythmic development, while also being prolific producers and collaborators to the likes of Dylan, The Rolling Stones and No Doubt (no less).”—BOILER ROOM
“He has certainly lost none of his signature credentials en route – such as his affectingly fragile trumpet tone, and subtle textural and dynamic sense.”—THE GUARDIAN [UK]
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NORDUB – Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær (presented in association with Mark Van de Bergh)
Norwegian Nils Petter Molvær – world renowned jazz trumpeter and pioneer of the genre of nu jazz – meets the Jamaican reggae superduo Sly & Robbie for a special European tour in the summer and autumn of 2015.
Multi-Grammyites, the Jamaican duo Sly & Robbie has reshaped the face of of the Jamaican indigenous reggae and dub music several time over after their initial international breakthrough with Mighty Diamonds' 1976 debut album "Right Time". As pioneers in the use of computer assistance they have developed an innovative new sound that exploits a variety of genres and sound styles, far beyond their genesis in the early reggae of Kingston, Jamaica. 
The duo have collaborated with internationally renowned artists as wide apart as Bob Dylan, Sting, Serge Gainsbourg, Gilberto Gil and Madonna. In 2015 they release an album with Jamaican dub poetry band No-Madzz, "Sly & Robbie presents No-Madzz".
Trumpeter virtuoso Nils Petter Molvær emerged on the international jazz scene with the path breaking ECM release "Khmer", recorded in 1996. Ten years earlier he established himself as a major new jazz trumpet talent in Scandinavia, as member of the Norwegian supergroup Masqualero, under the leadership of world-leading bassist Arild Andersen. With "Khmer" and "Solid Ether", also on ECM, he was recognized as an important voice in the emerging genre that was dubbed nu jazz. With his bands, his concerts inspired enthusiasm all over the world and renewed the intensity of the house and techno genres, while at the same time retaining the music's strong jazz heritage.
His last two releases in his own name, "Baboon Moon" of 2011 and "Switch" of 2014, together shows an evolving redirection of his music, towards a more expressive rock influence. He has collaborated with a variety of other musicians, from artists as Sidsel Endresen and Moritz von Oswald to Jon Balke and Marilyn Mazur.
The new and exciting collaboration of Sly & Robbie and Nils Petter Molvær will tour in 2018. The band promises unique shows with completely new material composed specifically for this tour. The touring band includes the famous Norwegian soundscape gitarist Eivind Aarset and live-sampler par excellence Jan Bang. 






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Sly & Robbie with Nils Petter Molvaer create blissful ‘Nordub’ at Barbican — July 20, 2015, Jazzwise
"A meeting of the world’s greatest rhythm section, two progressive soloists and a producer raises the prospect of a night of instrumental groove glory. Yet in a dramatic turn of events, a quite magical voice is revealed."

Sly and Robbie meet Nils Petter Molvaer, Barbican, London — July 20, 2015, Financial Times
"Jamaica and Norway might be separated by several oceans, but when it comes to texture and rhythm, the distance is not so great. Especially when producer/musicians Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare are at the helm." 

Fusion with lift-off — July 20, 2015, Evening Standard
"the multi-Grammy Award winners reinforced their reputation as sonic adventurers by teaming up with a trio of Scandinavian experimentalists to weave together dub, jazz and electronica. The result was mesmerising."




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