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KURT ROSENWINKEL, the most influential and strikingly original guitarist-composer of his generation makes a radical leap in his musical direction on Caipi, the debut release on his new label Heartcore Records. Ten years in the making, Caipi is easily his most personal expression to date and features Rosenwinkel playing all the instruments (drums, bass, piano, synthesizers, percussion) and showcases him prominently on vocals on tunes like the hard rocking “Hold On,” the ethereal “Summer Song” and the slow ballad “Ezra”, named for his son. The lilting “Little B” is named for his other son Silas, who was nicknamed Little Bear as a toddler. Elements of rock and jazz co-exist happily with all the easily recognizable features of his personal style; above all, there is ample space for the evolving world of Brazilian music in its most recent guise and, in particular, the Brazilian love song. To some extent this symbolizes Kurt’s natu-ral leaning towards the creation of melodies of considerable emotional impact, a highly dis-tinctive feature and an unavoidable element in his markedly romantic artistic vision.

Although most of the instruments on the album were played by Kurt, there are some notable guests: Amanda Brecker (daughter of Eliane Elias and Randy Brecker) provides Portuguese lyrics on “Kama” and contributes layered backing vocals throughout Caipi. Special guest Eric Clapton offers a subtle touch of signature string-bending on the upbeat pop number “Little Dream.” And Rosenwinkel’s former musical partner Mark Turner delivers potent tenor sax performances on “Ezra” and “Casio Escher”. “I had to bring Mark in because it was very im-portant to me to have that close friendship and collaboration represented on the album.” Caipi also features the participation of a new young Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and singer Pedro Martins.
Regarding his new role as a frontman singing his own thoughtful, metaphysical lyrics, Rosenwinkel says, “Writing songs with lyrics has always been very much a part of my musi-cal world, but they’ve usually stayed in my private sphere. With Caipi, I realized that these were also lyric songs and that ultimately I would sing them as well. It’s definitely something different from my other albums, but its a familiar place for me and it was a matter of doing everything the music asked for.”
Born in Philadelphia on October 28, 1970, Rosenwinkel attended the Berklee College of Music for two and a half years before leaving in his junior year to tour with the legendary vibra-phonist-composer-educator Gary Burton, the dean of the school at the time. Subsequently, Rosenwinkel moved to Brooklyn, where he continued to develop his music with his own groups and others such as Human Feel, Paul Motian's Electric Bebop Band, the Joe Henderson group and the Brian Blade Fellowship. He left for Europe in 2003, and has spent the past nine years in East Berlin, Germany, where he accepted a professorship at the Jazz In-stitute. Until recently, that is. “After twelve years I realized it was time to retire from teach-ing”, he says. “I needed to return fully to creating music, and leave the inner workings of it unspoken. I have started my own label, Heartcore Records, to work in partnership with bass-ist and composer Avishai Cohen’s label, Razdaz Recordz. “Above all, I want to bring light into this world and follow my intuition and aspirations, and to enable others to do the same. Caipi is the first manifestation of these principles. It’s building a new community.”
With Caipi, Kurt Rosenwinkel presents eleven tantalizing, effervescent compositions. It is the most uplifting album he has ever made. It is an ode to resilience, a call not to give in to negativity. Deeper songs from an even deeper well. 


Official Website | www.kurtrosenwinkel.com

Management | Heartcore Records
Michaela Bóková, michaela[a]heartcore-records.com

Discography | Kurt Rosenwinkel on AllMusic.com
Review | Kurt Rosenwinkel, CAIPI — February 25, 2017. LesInRocks
"A vision lascivious but miraculously exempt from exotic nonsense, which allows us to fall innocently in love with Caipi."

Review | Kurt Rosenwinkel, CAIPI
February 22, 2017, GinaLovesJazz.com
"The first release on his new imprint is his own album where he not only plays acoustic and electric guitars, but electric bass, piano, drums, percussion, synth, and casio, and where he sings. The result: a jazz-pop-Brazil hybrid that is so very entertaining and a pure joy to listen to that I would depict it as the first real highlight of the year."


Kurt Rosenwinkel Made A New Album, CAIPI — February 22, 2017, JazzPort.cz
"One of the most respected guitarists and composers of his generation jazz Kurt Rosenwinkel decided to make a radical cut in his career, the release of a new album titled, Caipi. The album, which Rosenwinkel worked continuously for ten years, will be released in early February 2017, and his debut as an emerging music publisher Heartcore Records."

Review | Kurt Rosenwinkel: CAIPI — February 10, 2017, dragonjazz.com
“Forget everything you know about Kurt Rosenwinkel, a creative guitarist revealed at the turn of the millennium and whose album, The Next Step (2001), marked the era by exposing new ideas both in terms of melodic and improvisation. Breaking with his usual style, his latest production is a different, lighter project that brings together songs from the paradise island of Caipi, a fictional place not too far from the Brazilian coast.”

Review | Kurt Rosenwinkel, CAIPI — February 10, 2017, writteninmusic.com
“American jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel's like Bill Frisell one of the most influential jazz guitarists of his generation, like performers which already numerous albums at a relatively young age, performances and collaborations (including Paul Motian, Brad Mehldau, Brian Blade and Q-Tip) behind it. He is known for his very specific playing style and sound, but also because of its flexibility and versatility.

CAIPI: Kurt Rosenwinkle’s New Album Out February 10 — February 4, 2017, Where’s Eric Magazine
"Ten years in the making, the record is easily his most personal record to date. Kurt plays all the instruments with the company of notable guests Amanda Brecker, Mark Turner, and Eric Clapton."

Kurt Rosenwinkel: From Settlement Kid To Leading Jazz Innovator — December 21, 2016, Philly.com
“Kurt Rosenwinkel began taking lessons at Settlement Music School’s Germantown Branch when he was only 9. At the time, he was just another Philly kid taking piano lessons. It would be three years before he would pick up the guitar, which quickly took over as his instrument of choice, and on which he would become one of the leading innovators of his generation.”

Kurt Rosenwinkle's New Venture — October 24, 2016, Paste
“One of the leading lights of contemporary jazz guitar and perhaps the most influential six-stringer of his generation, Kurt Rosenwinkel has enjoyed a successful career which has seen a slew of acclaimed releases on the Criss Cross, Verve and World of Mouth labels. The guitarist, who resides in Berlin, was in town in early September for a week-long engagement with his new trio at the Village Vanguard with the incredible Italian bassist Dario Deidda and drummer Lawrence Leathers.”

Kurt Rosenwinkel, plays in trio the "banned" jazz — Summer 2016, Correire Della Serra, Rome
"Free improvisation from Hendrix to Metheny. Indefinable, their music. However, play it, must be a pure fun: synthesis of past experiences and creative freedom, in a reference to citazi oni and in a flood of improvisation, jazz lessons and Jimi Hendrix, the atmosphere Metheny and psychedelic rock."


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